Jobox Slope Lid Box Storage Box
(60" x 30" x 39-1/2")

by Jobox
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Jobox - Delta Consolidated 1-680990 NOTE: PURCHASE FOUR OF THIS ITEM, SHIPPING WILL BE FREE. YOU MUST CALL US @ 1.800.558.6657 FOR THIS TO BE APPLIED Fold-away prop supports lid to form large flat working surface at ideal working height Lock Size: #5 Master Lock short shackle without rubbing booting or #50 American Lock Flexible storage: Full-length, deep shelf supports up to 500 lbs. when lovered. Shelf tilts up to gain nearly 12" of interior depth to stow wider, taller items. Superior security: Bolt cutter free locking system. Padlock shackles are protected from cutting tool inside 12-gauge steel housings. Only the key cylinder is exposed. Padlocks cannot be pried out or pulled out of the housing to gain entry. Reinforced lid resists break-ins. Lid reinforced with bolsters and has hemmed front and sides for extra strength and rigidity to resist pry bars. Front edge of lid also has a welded 12-gauge steel plate for additional strength. Rugged durability: Rain Drain system protects contents. Wind driven rain entering the padlock housings is drained to the outside of the box. Channeling water away from the interior protects the contents and box from damage. Extra-Strong bottom bolsters for heavy loads. New bolster design provides the strength of 9-gauge laminated steel for twice the load-carrying capacity. Tall 3-3/8" forklift height.

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Jobox 8006430084

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This warranty is made by Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc. (DCI) to the original purchaser of this product and it is valid for five (5) years from date of the purchase upon presentation of a copy of the original sales receipt at the time of the warranty claim. DCI warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of the sale. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident or unreasonable or unintended use of the product. Modification, disassembly and/or reassembly of the product will invalidate this warranty. Damage to the contents of the box, vehicle or other consequential damages are excluded from this warranty. In the case of a nonconforming product, you should return the product to the place where it was purchased. The seller will either repair or replace the product at their option if the product should prove to be defective in material or workmanship. If you feel that you have not been offered a satisfactory resolution to your warranty issue, you may submit your request in writing for further consideration to the Warranty Department, Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 1846, Jonesboro, AR 72403-1846. Explain in writing the nature of the problem and why you feel you have not been offered a satisfactory solution. Be sure to include the Model Number of the product and a copy of the sales receipt.You will receive a response in 15 working days. Note: This warranty applies solely to domestic sales and shipments made within the continental USA. It gives you specific legal rights in the USA, and you may have other rights imposed by one or more states in the USA.


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