B'laster 11oz Penetrating Catalyst Aerosol
(12 Cans)

by Blaster
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B'laster Products 11oz Penetrating Catalyst Aerosol (12pk)

PB Blaster penetrating catalyst is a powerful, concentrated penetrant that frees stubborn rusted or immobilized parts by releasing the surface tension that causes them to stick

PB Blaster magnetically creeps up, around and into tight, hard-to-reach cavities, then converts into a high lubricant, loosening troublesome nuts, bolts, rusted joints, pipe threads and other frozen parts in record time!

PB Blaster's non-evaporating formula then stays on the surface of the part to protect against rust and corrosion


Capillary action - pulls itself uphill, around and into any tight cavity to loosen, free or lubricate even the most inaccessible area or troublesome part

Pin point spray nozzle - works upside down and in all directions

No messy spray or waste

Concentrated - use "as is" for maximum performance or mix 1:1 with fuel oil, mineral spirits or solvents for the most economical cost

Safe - contains no dangerous vinyl, methelyne, chlorides, gasoline, kerosene, fuel or cheap oils

Dielectric - displace moisture

Warranty Information

Blaster 2169015800



"Best stuff I have found in a long time! I had a rusty chain, tied in knots, that was so bad, I thought it couldn't be saved. After spraying with B'laster and setting for a day, the knots and kinks just fell out!"


"The stuff works. I'm currently working on a 27 year old car and the PB is right in the creeper tray with me!!!!"

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