TIF Combustible Gas Detector

by TIF - SPX
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TIF 8800A Combustible Gas DetectorDetects dangerous explosive gasesApplications include:
Gas lines and pipes, aids in identifying Heat Exchanger leaks and hazardous living/working environmentsNote: not an effective Carbon Monoxide detectorUsed in almost any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues need to be foundInstantaneous responseAutomatic warm upAdjustable sensitivityAudible "Geiger counter" type signal

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TIF - SPX 8003275060



"This is a good machine. You have to get a lesson as to how sensitive to set it (I never had the instructions). I set it with my breath, outside. This machine is widely used by gas company employees and plumbers. Most gas leaks can be pinpointed. Sometimes a house is permeated with a low level of gas. That gets tricky. So, with time, you will get better and better at using it."




"Industry standard at a savings of over $70.00."

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