12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun w/NiCad Rechargeable Battery

by Lincoln Industrial
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For jobs that include heavy equipment maintenance, the Lincoln Power Luber Grease Gun is the cordless grease gun to buy. Not only does it make the job easier, it ends up cleaner, too! (you can steady the tip with one hand and trigger with the other - you can't do that with a manual grease gun!)

If you're wondering if a cordless grease gun is 'worth it', take a look at the customer reviews,  people seriously like the Power Luber - and everyone who has used Lincoln's cordless grease gun comments on what a blessing this tool has been

  • Includes:
  • 12 VOLT Cordless grease gun with 30" flexible  hose
  • 1-12 VOLT NiCad rechargeable batteriy
  • 110 VOLT fast charger
  • Blow molded case


This model has a 1 year warranty with five different service centers across the United States for warranty service!

Warranty Information

Lincoln Industrial 3146794200



"wish the rest of my dealings with companies and products turned out so well"


"outstanding, Just wish it was made in U.S.A."


"Wouldn't be without it. Would rather hand cut plywood without a skill saw than grease my equipment without this gun"


"I loved my grease gun.I live on a private farm, where they finally let me have the key to the tractor( so I can haul the manure spreader)and then some other equipment.None of it had been greased for a long while,and this really came in handy,instead of the manual type grease gun.I keep telling my friends,if your going to give me presents for my b-day give me things I need like this.Well, someone walked off w/my grease gun here, but I am ready to buy another one!"


"Ditto to all the other reviews. I have been looking for a grease gun solution for several years now and have found it in the lincolnn. I have had it for a week now and have already gone through three tubes of grease. I'm just hoping that it will stand the test of time. Arizona tools made quick delivery and easy buying, thanks to both and God bless."


"Great piece of equipment. I also use one at work. That's why I had to have one for home use."


"the plastic housing should be more sturdy(the last one i had kept cracking."


"was exactly what was needed to do the job very happy with the product"


"john o'brien i think this item works great"


"Where has this tool been all my life. Great design, works like a charm. Two thumbs up. Lincoln should be commended for producing a quality tool at a reasonable price. I will recommend this product to all my friends."

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