Lincoln 12V DC Mobile Battery Charger for Lincoln 12V Power Luber

by Lincoln Industrial
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Mobile Battery Charger for use on Lincoln Power Luber 12 VOLT  Cordless Grease Gun

This new charger plugs directly into the 12V DC accessory outlets on cars, trucks, tractors, utilities vehicles and more

Designed for use by the construction, agriculture, trucking and lube trucks markets, this charger provides mobility, allowing a 12V PowerLuber battery to be charged in the field

The unit recharges a battery as quickly as one hour, and will automatically switch to the trickle charge mode in order to prevent battery damage

The charger, which features a 6'cord, can be stored easily in the PowerLuber grease gun's carrying case as it shares the same dimensions as the Power Luber's 110-volt charger

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Great item for those that need to do greasing on the go where power is not available to recharge the batteries. This also makes a GREAT gift item for those that already have the 12V PowerLuber.

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"Works good! Thank you for your prompt shipping"


"Worked great in my truck . Less than 1 hour on depleated battery"


"This charger will make using my tool a lot easier, saving time while out on the road! Thanks a Bunch"


"Works great and makes my job a lot easier."


"very fast service 100% satisfied."


"The portable charger works very well. I keep it plugged into the combine, and use it as needed."


"It was whatt I ordered And it works fine. I will order stuff from you again when I need it."


"This item is a great time saver. It is very convenient to have it in my truck and charging. It is always with me now and I can use it at my convenience. Leaving it charging at home I sometimes forgot to get it. Now I have it with all the time. Therefore no longer having that problem."


"I operate a Jacobsen rough mower for a golf course. one main deck, two wing decks,three dozen grease fittings. I can plug into the 12 v dc accessory outlet and charge the battery for the lincoln cordless grease gun while I am mowing. I have a cordless grease gun, two batteries, one ac and one dc charger. ALL ARE GREAT PRODUCTS"


"Thanks for the great service. We own 2 Lincoln power grease guns. The products are first rate. We will order from you again."

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