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Polyethylene Plastic Welding Rods

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These polyethylene flat rods are 10" long x 3/8" wide. They are used on any plastic welder that uses a FLAT TIP. Each pack contains 12 rods.

Yellow Flat 10" x 3/8" (12 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Red Flat 10" x 3/8" (12 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Orange Flat 10" x 3/8" (12 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Green Flat 10" x 3/8" (12 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Natural (aka 'clear') ( $23.90 )
Blue Flat 10" x 3/8" (12 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Black Flat 10" x 3/8" (12 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Total: $0.00

These ROUND rods are 12" long x 1/8" in diameter. There are 30 rods per pack.

Black Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Blue Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Green Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Orange Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Red Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Yellow Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $23.90 )
Natural (aka 'clear') Round 1/8" x 12" (30 Rods) ( $17.90 )
Total: $0.00

Polyethylene is used in thousands of products and these rods will repair them. With these rods, and our Plastic Welder, you can fix things like windshield washer bottles and radiator overflow tanks, ATV fenders, kayaks, etc.. Below are the rods only.

While you can weld any polyethylene product using any color of rod. It makes sense to match the rod's color to the product. Due to the popularity of repairing ATVs, Dirtbikes, Jetskis, and kayaks with these plastic welders, our rod colors deliberately match the following manufacturer's colors:

- The yellow rod will match Suzuki's products (ATVs, dirtbikes, etc.).

- Red rods match Honda's products.

- Blue rods will match Yamaha products.

- Use the orange rods to match Prijon Kayaks.

- Green will match Pelican Colorado canoes.

- The 'Natural' colored rods are for polyethylene water and fuel tanks, or any other 'white-ish' product.

- Black rods will match any generic black polyethylene product.

The flat rods are used like you'd do soldering. Just touch it to the hot tip and dab it on. The round rods can be used in the same manner, but they're intended to be fed by hand through the 1/8" hole in the 'shoe' of the plastic welder's tip. This permits slightly better control of the flow for filling voids, etc.. (BTW, be aware that you can then sand the weld to smooth it nicely, and even re-heat to get a bit more of a polished finish.)

These polyethylene rods are stable (meaning few chemicals will react with it), and are suitable for potable water (just like any polyethylene milk container from a store). You can achieve a strong, quality repair with this plastic welder.

Manufacturer: Urethane Supply Company [Warranty Information]

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